Hi, I'm Jackie Yu.


My full name is actually Jacqueline, but nobody really calls me that (except LinkedIn, haha.) I'm a product designer at Viget, who values form and function in tandem and will try anything once. I want to make usable products that are functional, accessible, and easy to use. I approach this work with sustainability and inclusion in mind, and I’ve applied the UX design process to solve problems for end users, whether they’re small businesses, tech giants, museum visitors, or Fortune 500 companies.

I’m an alumna from the Human Centered Design & Engineering program at the University of Washington. There, I learned how to use empathy and research to understand people’s needs and use them as a starting point for design. My goal is to solve problems and create products and experiences that will have a lasting impact on the people who use them.

Outside of work, you can find me discovering my next read, playing video games, cooking, and practicing traditional Korean drumming with my friends.

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