A self-portrait I drew digitally.

Hello, I'm Jackie.

I'm a UX, visual, and product designer.

I balance data, aesthetics, and accessibility to make web applications, websites, and brands that empower others. On the flip side, I'm interested in economics, video games, tea, and doodles.

More About ME

Value Builder

Sellers have a lot of information they need to map out and show to customers. Say goodbye to Excels and PowerPoint doodles, and hello Value Builder maps.

Product Design, Sales, Web Application, Branding

Customer Satisfaction Report Design System

A gaggle of cobbled-together reports gets a sleek, accessible upgrade.

UX Design, Design Systems, Data Visualization, Accessibility

Rebranding the Wing PDX

A logo and an idea evolve into a full, modern visual identity.

Branding, Visual Identity

Booster Framework

Complex data for the everyday human—I made a web application so users can visualize and forecast their data.

UX Design, Product Design, Data Visualization

Logo & Art Commissions

I like drawing. I love turning other people's ideas into something they can be proud of.

Graphic Design, Visual Identity, Illustration

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Shhh... the NDAs are sleeping.

As is the nature of work in this field, a lot of the exciting things I work on are protected by NDAs and can't be shared here. Boo!

If you have any questions for me or would like to know more about what I do, please email me at jackieyu9999@gmail.com.