Redesign of the My Public Art Portal for the WASHINGTON State Arts Commission, January - June, 2018

The Washington State Arts Commission, or ArtsWA, is an agency of the Washington State Government tasked with maintaining the state art collection and catalyzing arts and arts education in communities throughout the state. It maintains and generates a geographically diverse collection of artwork in public places, public schools, and public institutions. ArtsWA’s My Public Art Portal is a catalog of art owned and displayed by the state collection.

In close contact with Heide Fernandez-Llamazares, our sponsor, who manages My Public Art Portal. After speaking with her, it seemed that Ms. Fernandez-Llamazares expressed a wish to improve upon the My Public Art Portal. To do that, our team focused on improving usability and engagement with the site through design, and considered the following questions: How could we build a meaningful, engaging, and interactive arts collection for the digital age, and what digital framework would best direct the public eye toward the Washington State Arts Commission collection?

Our team of four, known as Artem Design Solutions, sought to redesign the ArtsWA’s My Public Art Portal pages in order to make them more engaging and easier to use for the general public. The project took place between January – June 2018, and consisted of four major milestones: Ideation, Design, Evaluation, and Refinement Phases. In the end, we developed a set of annotated wireframes that can be handed off to a front-end developer for further development by ArtsWA.

For most of this project I functioned as the overall project manager, as well as the overall visual/design editor and the specific project manager for Milestone 4, Refinement.

This project was also awarded a grant of $200 from the HCDE Fund for Excellence. It is also part of a two-quarter-long Capstone Project for the Human Centered Design and Engineering Bachelor's Degree at the University of Washington. It was presented at the HCDE Capstone Open House in June of 2018.

You can view the interactive prototype by clicking the button below. You can view the process book for this project, either as a PDF or in the image gallery. The presentation poster used is also available below.

ArtsWA My Public Art Portal Project Poster