Logo for the Documentary Club at UW, November 2017

The Documentary Club at UW, or DOCUW, is a club at the University of Washington centered around appreciating documentary films, particularly when used in an activist setting.

When creating the logo, the client expressed a desire to include a film reel in the logo. Using that as inspiration, I wanted to create a logo that is both modern but also reminiscent of the golden age of Hollywood, particularly in the early years. Based on conversations with the client, I also decided to go with a more formal, serious look for the logo, as the client mentioned phrases such as "atmospheric," "revealing truth," and "knowledge," when interviewed. The logo would be used for both web and print materials, as well as for objects such as buttons.

Manifesto is used for the main title font, with Montserrat for subheadings. I presented several different font combinations to the client, and in the end decided on these two. Manifesto is an elegant sans-serif font with some Art Deco influences (a movement that occurred around the same time as the rise of film). It is paired with Montserrat, which adds a more serious, modern twist. I then created a film reel to replace the "O" in the logo, which can also be used as a pocket logo.


I also included a color palette for the club to use. The purple and yellow are similar to the University of Washington's colors, and hail back to the campus-club aspect of DOCUW. However, the colors are darker to fit the design of the logo. I also included a navy and two gray tones for more neutral options.

DOCUW Color Palette