Inktober 2017

If you don't already know, Inktober is a challenge that occurs every October, where artists try to ink one thing every day and post it to a social media outlet. I've always wanted to take part, so in 2017 I finally did!

There is a list of items to draw online for anyone interested, although you're also free to make your own. I went ahead and made my own list, and also added some constraints: I was only supposed to spend 30 to 45 minutes max on each drawing, and the drawings could only be black and white, with the addition of a gray marker if I wanted. Once completed, I shared each drawing on Instagram.

The list is mostly random, although there were some requests from my sister/friends. My focus was really just to improve my drawing skills and get myself back in the habit of drawing constantly. I think I accomplished bothand I have to admit, once it was over I was a bit sad. But I think Inktober is a great tradition, and I'm looking forward to participating again next year!

You can view my Inktober 2017 drawings below: